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The large complex of M.S.T possesses unique and powerful hard-ware facilities in all over the country which can meet the major part of domestic needs of private and public factories. By adopting the policies and procedures for purpose of transferring the portion of machine parts to be manufactured through sub- contractors in territory and on country level, in recent years to make possible to create new capacities for manufacture of new products with high technology levels are introduced firmly. Here are the examples of existing possibilities of hard–ware equipment of the factory :
· Various kinds of universal lathes with swing dia. Up to 800 mm and turning length up to 5000 mm.
· Different types of CNC and universal milling machines.
· Guide–way surface milling machine with width 1600 mm and length 8 meter.
· Vertical and horizontal CNC machining center with different dimensions.
· Surface internal cylindrical grinding machines with different dimensions.
· Guide way grinding machines 2-meter-wide and 6-meter-long from "WALDRICH Co." of Germany.
· Precision Jig - boring machine from "DIXI Co." of Switzerland.
· Systems and equipment necessary to control components accurately, including three – dimensional measurements C.M.M (3D) with dimensions of 200×3000×1500, surface finish measurement, roundness meter,magnifying and testing different kinds of gears.
· Precision tool- making facilities which enable the company to manufacture any jigs, fixtures and special cutting tools.
· There is also a separate workshop having equipment necessary for tools sharpening.
· General services and repairing workshop with complete equipment enabling the company to produce most of the spare parts, maintenance, installation and commissioning.
· Sheet metal workshop equipped with pressing, bending, rolling, drilling and CNC punching machine (Punching up to 4 mm).
· Entire and perfect equipment for various kinds of heat- treatment, (hardening and hardening in vacuum on manufactured parts.
· Developed painting and galvanizing workshops.
· Measuring and testing CNC machines by two laser measurement devices in final assembly line.
· Computer services:  Computer center of M.S.T was established in 1975. This center is of valuable practical experience in the field of designing and putting into operation.
· The management computerized systems so that it has taken successful steps in relation to creating integrated and comprehensive systems and finally achieving to a management information system.