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Machine Sazi Tabriz Group was pioneered and established around five decades ago in 1967 for purpose of transfer of technology and Manufacture of Original Equipment and Machine Tools with the technologic cooperation of European countries in industrial zone, Tabriz City.
During the course of its years of professional activities and execution of its successful planning in production, was able to generate tenth of the capable companies, such as Pump Iran, Lift Truck Sazi, (fork lift), MotoGen, Textile Machinery, which later on, handed over to the governmental sectors through Machine Sazi Tabriz, each of these factories, right now, is playing remarkable role as per vital market demands in regard with various Pumps, Compressor, Motors, internal (domestic) supplies aside, they have successfully occupied the export markets as well on the regular basis.
Production Technology of varieties of Pumps from KSB Company Germany. One of the affiliated companies under the title of "Pump Iran" separated from the productions and industrial complexes of MST Group in 80s, and successfully utilizing the transferred technologies form KSB Company for manufacture of various water pumps on big scale. In the course of past 3 decade the manufactured products of this company consecutively and proficiently on Vast ground was distributed in home markets as well to foreign markets.
Production Technologies for various motors form Gould Electric – United States of America. MotoGen company one of the affiliated company of the production and industrial complexes of mother company MST Group, during the 80's separated from MST Group, by the profitable application of the transferred technologies from the " Gould Electric Company" in practicable and fitting manner, for manufacture of different types of electric motors and generators, Moto Gen company superbly performed its skillful obligations with responsibility.
This company succeeded to present and supply immensely its new series of products based on the achieved technology with tireless efforts of engineering and by taking the advantage of research and developments team activities of the internal sources of designing and technology. Now Machine Sazi Tabriz Group (MST) possessing the comprehensive heading of the only manufacturer of Industrial equipment and Machine Tools in Iran and territory with vast possibilities of production, mainly foundry plant and Forging steel parts and cast iron with annual capacity of 36.000 tons, complete line of machining heavy parts, semi- heavy part, light and ultra-precision, products assembly line, Total Quality System including Quality Control of parts and
products and Quality Management Discipline, in past decade, accredited ISO 9001 from the reputable international source with high ranking. The Related Executive Background Machine Sazi Tabriz Group With approximately five-decades experience of production activity and technologic transfer from the most reputable international companies, holding the notable engineering science at the ground of designing (including conceptual designing, detailed designing) reverse engineering and re-engineering for planning, designing for manufacturing various industrial sets.
Engineering and technical working groups of the plant in the appearance of expertise operational teams in field of material, technology (Designing, Manufacturing and Assembly), and Control Systems are actively participating, in addition, with group efforts of simultaneous engineering, tenths of the expertise and engineers entertaining the advantage of the most modern and advance software for engineering process consist of designing, simulation process, CAD/CAM system. During the length of the past years, company became successful to obtain the advance technologies from the reputable and well-known foreign companies in extremely effective attitude to transfer it into the country, and the most significant are stated below:
· Production Technology for various universal lathe Machines and Industrial Equipment "TOS", the ex-Czechoslovakia country. During the course of Machine Sazi Tabriz Group activities figuring approx. four decades, the transferred technologies for described products are successfully and currently, and vastly distributed in local and foreign markets.
· Production Technology for various Milling Machine Tools and Industrial Equipment from Deckel, Germany. Presently the manufactured machines based on the transferred technology from Deckel Company, apart from the fulfillment of domestic requirements, are generally exported to the German markets with our challenging attitudes.
· Production Technology for various CNC Lathe Machine and Industrial Equipment from BOHRINGER Company, Germany. In global Organization of Standards "UNIDO" has played the major deterministic parametrical roles in obtaining the total assurance for deep absorption of transferred technologies, the receiving bodies of that, in awareness of the defined technology. MST Group has succeeded based on the technology of the product VDF 180 for introducing presentation of new product TM 200, upon achievements of new fields of Electronic, Hydraulic and Machine designed, produced, and successfully supplied in various markets.
· Production Technology for various machines and industrial equipment from DANOBAT-SPAIN. Inventively at present various distinct distributed products, based on transferred technologies from DANOBAT are effectively functioning at several production workshops and technical centers all over the country.
· Production Technologies for various types of CNC Machine "Johnford Company USA" by topping the bridge of "Johnford Company Taiwan" The transferred technologies from Johnford consist different production Machines, namely, CNC lathe, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Center, according to the most advance and suitable improved up to date technologies with successful responsiveness implemented executory performance in domestic and foreign markets for the purpose of utilization in Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Industries, Vehicle Industries , Steel Making Industries, Cement Industries , Oil , Gas and petrochemical Industries etc., has been prominently supplied. Commencement of the new phase of activities in Machine Sazi Tabriz Group  from beginning of the year 2004, under effect of brisk business in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical in recent years as motor power of macroeconomic of the country with valuable experience and considerable achievements , and in this connection centralizing on this field , MST Group successfully concluded the significant contracts with Petrochemical Companies , such as Borzoyeh, Amir Kabir , Iran Petrochemical and so on... with remarkable and notable volume of machine procurement with defined equipment in several branches. The fields of activities pertaining to MST Group are procuring the required and necessary industrial items, for instance, in Steel Making Industries, Cement and Vehicle Industries ...etc. Performance of the assigned responsibility to each team in different aspects are specially trained and classified in defined organizational flow chart, serving as operational activist in planning for professional execution and finalization Sales & Projects Engineering Dep.