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  • Execution of industrial development projects.
  • Presentation of technical and engineering services in field of manufacture and production.
  • Presentation of modern machining methods to increase the productivity in effective ways.
  • Introduction of latest methods of fixtures parts for minimizing the manufacture costs of jig and fixture.
  • Presenting the necessary trainings and technical education for the purpose of optimal usage from total existing possibilities on machine tools.
  • Extraction and drawing out of production methods for supply of various industrial products from technical and economical viewpoints.
  • Presenting specialty consultation in field of industrial investments and feasibility studies and ... etc.
  • Presenting the most suitable production lines for mass production and various industrial parts.
  • Presenting the most skillful and qualified production methods and manufacturing technology.
  • Designing and equipping production logistics workshops and industrial maintenance and repair.
  • Defining the execution station based on priorities of parts and equipment processing steps.
  • Preparation of workshops layout design (drawings) and procedure of machines arrangements.
  • Selection of appropriate and most fitting required machines for manufacture and or repair of parts.
  • Designing, procurement, installation, commissioning and execution of production lines in regard with mines and industrial complexes and networks.
  • Execution of project as a whole and turn- key.
  • Presenting the total services relating to installation and commissioning, training, standby to provide the required services during the guarantee and warranty period.
  • Defining and clarifying the various functional steps of production lines and estimation of technical – economical feasibilities regarding the said process.
  • Transfer of technology management and advance technologies (high techs).
  • Identifying the well- known and valid sources in regard with technology holders in relation with targeted production programming.
  • Processing management in transfer of technology and localization of it.
  • Execution and implication of transferred technology for the purpose of performing the subjected activities in accordance with engineering viewpoints.
  • Development of projected technology by means of modern production procedures and by using modern engineering software.
  • To preserve and protect from prior investments and increasing the quality of manufactured products and to raise the productivity output activities, prediction to avoid parallel investments and programming, for the briskness of economical establishment etc, are accounted as major reasons for proprietor of industries for executing the decision factors in relation to overhaul fundamentally the existing machines in production lines causing to encourage and reassure the implementation of applicable strategies.
  • Accomplishment of a successful fundamental overhaul of machines related to the production lines are indicating evidence for well-off results, as few patterns are stated below:
·  Avoidance of additional and parallel investments.
· To raise the capabilities and operational potentialities of the machines based on fresh definitions and necessities.
· Establishment of continuous possible advantages from the total spare parts and also, prior executed investments and to find the way out from the problems of stagnant investments ceased at various complex level.
· Enjoying from the available parts procurement facilities during the future utilization and consumption.
· Effective application of new and noteworthy engineering ergonomic
considerations in capital assets.
· Maintaining constant usefulness and applicability of past valuable experiences (operator ship, service and maintenance) in seeking advantage from machines which has been achieved by major investments during the long length of time.
· Possibility of taking vast advantages from the prior procured special tools and avoidance from fresh investments.
  • MACHINE SAZI TABRIZ group (M.S.T) by taking its favorable opportunity and sharing its fruitful 50 years precious experimental background and production activities in procuring the needs of the market for various machine tools absolutely enjoys with strong production facilities with high incomparable experience in this production field and commanding over the country level as well as in the territorial grounds.
  • Implementation of such possibilities in executing the performance of fundamental renovation of manufacturing machines related to country’s industrial complexes are accounted as major steps for rending the services to the country’s industries M.S.T GROUP affirm its entire readiness and interest to transfer the achieved experiences to the county’s industries in frame of obtaining the orders case to case with various control systems, namely, SIEMENS, FAGOR, HEIDENHAIN, at customer’s workshop and at the special workshops complex location has been equipped with the highest standard degree.